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The SCAS Portsmouth Postal League 2019/20

The SCAS Portsmouth Postal League will start again in October.

Currently the following counties are involved: - Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex.

All scores submitted must be shot before the 21st of the month.

Straight league - All counties submitting and ranked in team order for each bow style.

  • Bowstyles -

  • ■ Recurve (8 archers to count)

  • ■ Compound (6 to count)

  • ■ Longbow (5 to count)

  • ■ Barebow (4 to count),

  • ■ Junior Mixed bow styles (8 to count)

Further information about how Bucks AA archers can get involved will be circulated to club contacts by Alan Crowe.

See also the SCAS website:

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