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County Champs - NRS and Juniors

Non-Record Status - We have faced a number of challenges to be able to hold the county champs this year. There is a serious shortage of available judges. Our organiser, Jon, has had to work miracles to secure 3 judges for us, but none are of Regional status or above that are required to act as chair of judges for a record status shoot. Although disappointing, we hope that you will still be able to support this event.

Juniors -The committee decided not to organise a separate Junior event due to the additional target handling required. This was done because we could not be absolutely sure about the Covid restrictions that would be in place. Therefore, the only possibilities for Juniors at the tournament are the full WA70 round or 50m Barebow.

Finally, a single WA70 Round will be held with assembly not before 2.15pm and sighters commencing at 2.30pm. Eligibility for awards for the single round is limited to archers who have been shooting for less than one year or who do not have a classification. However, if you don't feel up to the full 12 dozen this is another option.

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