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SCAS Postal Portsmouth 2020_21

Information from the Organisers:

The leagues will run from October - March and we will take the best 4 months scores for each county. This should hopefully solve the issue of bad weather stopping play. We can appreciate that many archers will only have outdoor shooting and others will be lucky enough to be allowed to return indoors. There will be no distinction between the two.

We were asked about ensuring we conformed to the ratios of Ladies and gents per team and also should be running a ladies team for each bow style. With the best will in the world this maybe well prove extremely difficult due to the lack of ladies shooting generally in certain bow styles. For instance there were only 2 lady archers shooting compounds in Herts last year. Dave and I thought about things and a solution is to just have a mixed team league as usual and then also run a straight individual ranking system for both ladies and gents in each bow style. .

We were also asked to look at the junior adjustment and had already come up with a solution but we were presented with a different approach, which we have decided to go with and see where it leads us.

The other major change for this year only is to

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