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SCAS Postal Portsmouth - Final Results.

Due to the disruption as a result of the virus, some counties stopped shooting very early in March and therefore skewed their true position as a team and individually. The organisers therefore decided that the fairest solution would be to use the top 4 scores. In the case of the team the best 4 months were used, for individuals it was the archers 4 best scores.

Congratulations go to out Barebow team* who came second, as well as to Ted Cock (Barebow; South Bucks) and Sue Crowe (Longbow; South Bucks) both of whom were second in their individual competitions.

* Barebow team squad:

Ted Cock (South Bucks); Imran Rehman (Whiteleaf); Jacky Crow (NPA); Tan Quach (SALT); Chris Roberts (Whiteleaf); Sarfraz Aslam (South Bucks); Milly Aziz (Silver Arrow); Maryam Stanton (South Bucks) & Sultana Whitehead (NPA).

The full of results can be found under the "postal competitions"


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